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Motocaddy Service and Repair Centre


We offer a full repair and service centre for Motocaddy electric carts. We carry a wide range of spares, so your problem can be fixed quickly to ensure we get you back on the course as quick as possible.

So whether you are requiring a new gear box, motor or a new wheel we have the expertise to carry the job out in a professional and efficient manner. We are authorised by Motocaddy to service and repair their trolleys to an officially approved standard warranted by the manufacturer.

All work carried out on your trolley will be done by a professionally trained qualified technician.

Most jobs are completed within 1-2 days; however trolleys may be needed longer to help diagnose a persistent fault.


Your Motocaddy during the course of the year has a heavy work load, carrying your clubs around the course, trailing through muddy conditions. It is estimated that on average you walk 6 miles when playing golf, coupled this with playing on average once a week means in a year you and your trolley travel 312 miles. The ground is undulating and your bag weights around 40lb's which puts a lot of stress on your trolley. Regular servicing of your trolley will help prolong the life of your trolley and battery. We don't just look at your trolley as part of the service we will check your battery as well as your charger.

Full Service - £29.99

Battery/Charger Check

Is your battery struggling to get round the course? We can check both the battery and the charger for you to ensure everything is working ok. Sometimes people replace batteries thinking that they are the problem only to find out that the problem lies with the trolley. With the price of batteries now this is an expensive mistake.

If your battery is struggling let us check it out

Battery & Charger Test - £10.00

Contact the Pro-Shop to book in your service or battery & charger test


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