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Creative Cakes

I have come across a lot of beautiful and unusual style wedding cakes; I thought I would share a few of my favourites for some inspirational ideas.

Cake Number 1:


Always a very popular alternative to a wedding cake;

1. It’s more cost effective

2. It is ready to serve to your guests

3. They look really nice

4. It won’t make you cry when you see that your beautiful wedding cake has been cut up to be served to the guests.

The bride designed this idea herself, with crates and some flowers- stacking them on top of one another to make this fabulous display. Something so easy to do and yet it looks amazing and very effective!

Cake Number 2:

A traditional 3 tier wedding cake…

The bride and groom got married aboard and were having their evening reception at our venue. The cake was decorated with sea shells made out of fondant and they had three difference flavoured cakes. They didn’t have fruit cake as you will find out when booking your cake makers that fruit is extremely expensive (must be all that alcohol they use) also you find that different sponge flavours such as double chocolate, lemon drizzle and classic Victoria sponge goes down better with the guests and especially if you have children attending.

Cake Number 3:

A bit of both…

If you cannot decide why not have both? This cake had the tiers made up with simple cupcakes with a flower made from icing wrapped in a gold foil casing. The cupcakes were a variety of chocolate and vanilla with a jam centre. The top tier looked simple and yet beautiful with a gold ribbon around the base topped with a flower which was dusted with glitter. This top tier was the bride and grooms favourite which was coffee. This didn’t get cut up for the guests; it was saved so they could enjoy it after their big day with a nice hot drink whilst opening all the cards and gifts off the guest.  

It is very popular for the Bride and Groom to have the top tier saved as I find there is always too much cake (I know, no such thing!) however there is! I hate to see cake going to waste so by saving the cake you can enjoy this in your own time or offer it out when guests come to visit or even go down the more traditional route and freeze it to save as a christening cake

Cake Number 4:

Naked Cake…

If you are anything like me and dislike royal icing this is the perfect cake. This cake needs to be made perfect because everything is on show, nothing is hidden and it stands there in all its nakedness.

Layers of traditional sponge with butter icing and jam, decorated with fresh berries and flowers to tie in with your wedding theme.

I actually did the photography for this wedding whilst the general manager did the front of house, so this is one of my actual shots from the day unlike the rest of the images this was done on my professional camera.

The bride and groom had a woodland theme throughout their wedding and the wedding cake matches perfectly. Using treated wood for a cake stand, with mushrooms and toadstools made out of icing and meringue and ginger bread love hearts as cake toppers with the bride and grooms name on. This cake was a work of art and definitely a show stopper.

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