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Dressing your venue

With our wedding season sadly coming to an end and the darker nights drawing in, I thought we could look at dressing your venue.

In preparation for the brides of 2018 I will be posting a few hints and tips with different ideas to dress your chosen venue (hopefully ours).

Part 1…

We will start with a blank canvas; you are looking at your room with the tables and chairs out…

So ask yourself… How do the chairs look? Do you like them? Will you be happy for these chairs to look how they do for your big day?

If the answer is ‘No’ you always have the option to cover them. Chair covers come in lots of different colours to match your chosen colour scheme, however, I feel white always goes best. It sets the room elegantly.


If you want a clean and crisp look to your tables, leave the chair covers bare, if not you can always add a sash. They also come in many different colours and fabrics to tie in with your theme.


Alternatively, you can hire chairs in however that will be at a higher cost you will have to discuss with your venue.

When sitting down with the venue and discussing the table setting- whether you are having a wedding breakfast or buffet you need to ask ‘will the table clothes be ironed?’ if not ask if they can be. Something as simple as ironing out the pressed creases in the table cloths will make your tables go from a 2/10 straight to a 10/10. No one will be turning up to your big day with creased clothes, so why should your table cloths be creased?

So you have the basics sorted your chairs look amazing and your table will be freshly ironed and looking immaculate so next point of call is centrepieces…. 

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