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A guide to plan your conference

Organising a conference can be a stressful event; by following our step by step guide this can make your experience an enjoyable one with a great outcome.

Always remember we are at hand to answer or advise you on any of your plans.

Where to start

  • Set goals and guidelines for the purpose of the meeting
  • What will the attendees gain from attending
  • Who is the main point of contact and how many people will make up the committee
  • Who do you want to attend
  • Do you need to attract guests by PR (develop a media list)
  • How long will the event be
  • What details needs to be covered in this time
  • When do you want it to take place and are you flexible on dates


  • Dates available for your conference
  • Set a budget for the event
  • Best room layout and seating for your attendees
  • Special requirements (lectern, TV screens)
  • Put together a draft of the agenda
  • Visit the golf club to discuss; which room best suits your needs, timings of the conference, refreshment and catering breaks, number of attendees, AV equipment required
  • Consider if any printed materials are required for the day
  • Arrange guest speakers and ask for a presentation to print out to attendees
  • Invite attendees with a specific deadline for attendance  
  • Consider the unexpected, arrange a backup plan in the event speakers may not be able to attend

2-3 weeks prior to the conference

  • Arrange a pre-conference meeting with your event manager at the golf club to ensure your day runs smoothly  
  • Confirm attendees, catering requirements and any notes you have made to discuss with the golf club
  • Arrange for any printed  materials to be delivered to the golf club (2 days prior for delivery)
  • Confirm an email with all attendees

On the day

  • Ensure all the helpers are onsite 1 hour before attendees arrive and conduct a final brief
  • Check all material has arrived and is in good condition
  • Ensure the room style is in place as requested and you have plenty of space to present
  • Check your presentation is set up correctly
  • Arrange the reception desk and/or name badges
  • Smile and enjoy your hard work

After the event

  • Feedback how well your event was with your event planner at the golf club
  • Confirm the invoiced amount is correct for payment
  • Make note for future events and conferences
  • Thank your attendees and speakers for attending 

Planning your conference Enquiry

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